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Thought That Gathers Shadow (Scanlation)


Title: Kage wo Kasanete Omou/ Thought that gathers shadow

Circle: 3T

Pairing: KagaKuro

Scanlator: ansibs

Translator and typesetter: thebasketballidiots

Proof reader: wingroad


  • Do not repost the scanlation. These artists are able to draw these doujins by limit their online circulation. Please do not repost it.
  • If you want to translate this to another language, please contact me, I will give you the clean version of the scans so you don’t have to re-clean it.
  • SUPPORT THE ARTIST AND BUY THE COPY. (Click the link to buy it!)
  • This is my first translation so if there is any mistake that you can spot, please message me so that I can correct it. Thank you and enjoy :)

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